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How to Apply the Rule of Specificity in Your Business


It's not uncommon to see beginners try to sell a product or service to everyon  Whatever you offer as a business must solve a specific problem. There is a connection between the compensation of a specialist and the fact that they have the expertise to solve a specific problem.  If you are a generalist, your reward is commensurate with that generalist is paid. A General family practitioner and a specialist -- for example, a brain surgeon -- never earn the same amount of money.  Running a business is the same way. Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, [...]

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Attention Realtors: The Truth About Using Chatbot for Getting New Clients


 Someone recently said "No One Likes Chatbots or AI"  Well, not only was the comment Not true. It could mislead many RE Agents.       The Best Time is NOW  I wrote this post to provide insight into why NOW is the best time to have Chat-Bot in your business.  It's new. I get that.       Because It's Still New  Not many people know how to use it correctly. That is understandable too … since it's a new technology  But to simply say people don't like Chatbot or AI, it's actually risky and I will tell you why in a minute.  Note: [...]

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Never IGNORE the advice of a Billionaire?


His advice may be indirect, but the point of his advice is as clear as a star in the night sky. Who am I talking about? Well, I'm talking our one and only Mark Zuckerberg. With 2 Billion monthly users, he sure knows more than a few things. So, Let me quote him directly: "We think that you should be able to message a business in the same way you message a friend. You should get a quick response. And it shouldn't take your full attention like a phone call would. And you shouldn't have to install a new app" Well, [...]

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How Can B2B Companies Establish a Social Media Presence?


Let’s finally face it – most B2B companies are clueless in nailing their social media marketing strategies. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being used by B2Cs and have been connecting with fans and potential customers for many years. But it would be fruitless, at best, to replicate these B2C models. With the glut of social media strategies and social CRM software around that probably won’t fit your objectives, it’s difficult for the B2B owner to come up with a definitive social media marketing plan for his company without consultative assistance [...]

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How to Create B2B Newsletters with Proven Email Marketing Tips


Many B2B marketers and business owners are still daunted by digital campaigns, using social media marketing or search engine marketing. Yet it’s a fact that you need to be where your customers are, and that’s exactly how social marketing or social search is helping B2B companies. But don’t forget about an older, simpler means of generating sales and goodwill. Arguably, there’s an appropriate marketing strategy for every customer journey phase. If you’ve captured potential customers and leads via social media or from your website, that next phase is sustaining the engagement with that new audience. This is where email marketing and [...]

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The World’s Top B2B Brands are Using Social Media – Are You?


Social media marketing used to be a term associated with ‘business to consumer’ companies like Coke and McDonald’s. The B2C social marketing approach had improved customer engagement and enhanced customer relations and profits for these companies. Today, social media marketing is also being utilized by B2B companies. Many B2Bs had been playing it safe to spend at least some marketing budget to bolster their brand presence through social media, but the results are in, and it pays to spend for social media content and management B2Bs are increasingly aware of the value of quality content creation. Creating compelling content that engages [...]

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Need Help Getting More Qualified Clients ….AND….


From the Desk of Anthony Odole Silver Spring, MD December 2018 Dear Friend, As you know, an automated marketing system that converts leads into sales predictably, reliably, consistently — and profitably— is the holy grail of every business. But there is a problem. Two actually. First, building an automated marketing system is complex. Second, you can’t help but wonder…. Will It Really Work For Your Business? And if you’re asking yourself that question right now, it means you’re smart. And I will tell you what most “Marketing Experts” won’t: There is no such as thing as a “one size fits all” [...]

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