How to Make more sales from the people who are saying “no”

There are four reasons why customers say “no”

  1. They are never going to buy from you
  2. They are NOT ready to buy but they may buy in the future
  3. They are saying “No” because you have not addressed their concerns or fears

Forget about the people in group one. Trying to sell to them is like trying to turn water into wine. Ain’t gonna happen

Focus on people in group 2 and 3

But how do you continue to build a relationship with them without coming across as salesy or annoying?

Use Chatbot

How do you find out what their concerns or fears or objections are?

Use Chatbot

“Won’t I need to spend a fortune?

No.  Not if you work with us at Chatbot Rainmaker

Won’t I need to be very technical to get a chatbot?

No, You won’t have to.

We make owning your own artificial intelligence completely easy and painless and affordable

We will be delighted to put one of these chatbots to work for your business

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