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How do you get a surge of New Clients on demand? How do you get new Clients Anytime?

You want tons of new clients — not just any Client. You want your ideal client. You want your perfect clients.

You know you need to run campaigns: online and offline. You know you need to launch your product OR service, but you don’t know where to start.

You know you need to run ads on facebook, on youtube, and offline. You know you need a landing page.

You know you need an auto-responder. You know you need to create a sales video,  to create and configure webinars, to develop and configure follow up messages. There are many moving parts.

You know some people who show interest in your business may not buy right away. You know they will sometimes buy in the future….and you want to be their first choice when that time comes. You want to continue to create goodwill even with those who have not purchased from you.

You know your customers will buy at some point, and not just once, but multiple times. You have to write ads; you have to write copies; you have to create messages that cause your clients to come back for more business.  There are many moving parts.

So many pieces to get a customer in the door. Many specialists handle each part of the system that you need to bring customers in the door.

It’s not easy to coordinate all these specialists.

Even when you have all these specialists, challenges are trying to get all the solutions they recommend working together to deliver the result you want.

Imagine working with just one company that has an end-to-end understanding of how to build systems that attract your ideal clients and has the expertise to help you systematize and automate your marketing systems.

Imagine a marketing system that is designed to incite action through compelling digital campaigns, a marketing system that is continuously optimized to get you the best return on your investment.

Imagine knowing that you can command a premium price for your product for your service or products and that you never have to worry about finding the perfect clients to buy from you.

Without a holistic client acquisition strategy, you’re just throwing darts in the air – and paying for each attempt.

CAMS Automation is the company of choice when you want a partner that can take you by the hand and create a custom Client Acquisition Strategy for your business.

We work closely with you, laying out a digital roadmap that not just offers ‘quick wins,’ but evolves your brand with the future.

We are a full-stack agency which means you don’t have to work with dozens of experts. We are experts at creating advertisements online or offline that causes your ideal customers to act and indicate interest in what you offer.

We are expert at creating the marketing, and at tying together all the technology pieces that make everything —  audience research, online and offline adverts, landing pages, auto-responders, and  follow-up emails — work your client acquisition system work so much better

Working with IBM for 17 years, and consulting for diverse companies such as BP, eastern bank, blue cross blue shield, Pfizer, Motiva, and many others, our CTO,  an IBM Delivery Excellence award winner,  comes with substantial experience to help your business find new customers, reduce cost and grow sales. He is the author of our “Client Anytime” Blueprint.

If you will like to find out how our Clients Anytime Blueprint brings all the moving parts together into an  elegant Business Growth Machine that delivers RESULT. You can get all the details here at

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