How to Apply the Rule of Specificity in Your Business

It’s not uncommon to see beginners try to sell a product or service to everyon


Whatever you offer as a business must solve a specific problem.

There is a connection between the compensation

of a specialist and the fact that they have the

expertise to solve a specific problem.


If you are a generalist, your reward is commensurate with that

generalist is paid. A General family practitioner and

a specialist — for example, a brain surgeon — never

earn the same amount of money.


Running a business is the same way. Whether you are selling

a product or offering a service, you will do better if

what you offer has a ring of specificity to it.

The rule of specificity is universal and applicable in many contexts.


An excellent example: A client of mine was trying

to create a webinar for a brick and mortar store.

He tried — again and again — but, for some reason, nobody

is registering for his webinar.


Well, if they don’t attend the webinar, there is no way

to convince them that what he has is going

to fix their problem.


So, he came to me for a few hours of consulting (mind you,

my hourly rate is not cheap by any standard)

but he was willing to pay because he was at the end of

this rope, so to speak.


Well, I said: “let’s take a look at what you have.”


Alas, when I checked, I realized very quickly he was trying to do

the least amount of work possible.




Yes, he created a landing page that, according to him, is generic

enough to target multiple niches.

And this problem is not uncommon among beginners.

Well, the number one rule of succeeding in business is that you

must be able to convince your customer

that your product or service is top-notch, and that it would fix their urgent problem,

meet their innate desire

fulfill their wants or eliminate their fear.


So, I had to explain to him:

Creating a generic page that covers many niches is a recipe for

non-conversion. Why? If you go to

a store and see a prescription meant for a specific ailment,

the specificity makes the medicine more

attractive than its generic equivalent

So, my advice to him is this:

Pick two niches. Yes, it’s more work to create two landing

pages: one for each.


Creating one landing page per niche give you the opportunity to be

specific in your description and prescription.

You can use the language of each niche…and you can describe their problems

in a way that is specific to that niche.


So, if you are not following the rule of specificity, you may have

poor conversion; your product or service may not resonate as much with your



You may be jeopardizing the growth of your business.

Look at successful companies around you. Even if they provide services

or multiple products; they offer something very

specific; they solve a specific problem; they meet a particular need.

That is not an accident. It’s by DESIGN


Written by Anthony Odole

Co-Founder of Clients Anytime

(Clients Acquisition and Marketing Systems Automation)