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Businesses with automation generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. Is yours one of them?

Many business owners chases cold clients. They struggle to sell to clients that are not ready to purchase.

Before now — without the use of technology — it’s difficult to put your business in front of your perfect clients without appearing “salesy.” Coincidentally, most owners don’t like “selling” …and many more don’t have the budget — or the interest — to hire a full-time salesperson.  These are some of the challenges that are hindering the growth of your business. The challenges of finding your “perfect leads” persisted because most business owners are least interested in figuring out the technology that can put them in front of their perfect prospects; instead, they would rather focus on providing excellent service and products to their ideal customers and grow their business.

Unfortunately, you cannot deliver excellent service — or excellent products  — if you don’t have a consistent process for nurturing prospects to become warm leads, and a system for converting such warm leads to customers. Fortunately, with advances in technology — social media platforms, online advertising, SEO and so on — it’s now easier to find your perfect clients, with such accuracy, the like of which has never been possible until now.

Now, you can find and put your marketing message directly in front of your “Perfect client.” Imagine how quickly you can grow sales and your business.

What if you can create goodwill with your perfect client even if they not ready to buy yet?

What if because of this goodwill, you are top-of-mind when next they need the service you provide, or when next they need your product?

What if you become the only business they like and trust because of the ongoing relationship and goodwill you’ve created with them? Imagine never having to work with cold clients again.

Imagine consistently filling your pipeline with warm clients that are willing and happy to do business with you.

Do you see how that would impact your business growth?

Imagine working with your ideal clients. Always. The way to achieve all these is by plugging into your business marketing automation.

According to research by the Annuitas Group: Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

Another research report from SHIPSERV further supports this: “Marketing automation provides a 225% increase in the volume of prospects that convert to sales opportunities.”

In addition to supercharging your sales, marketing automation also eliminates routine efforts in your marketing flow.

Also, Invesp reported that Businesses with automation generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

Finally, according to Marketing Sherpa: A case study of a freight transport facilitator showed a 50% cost reduction in customer acquisition.

Net result: having automation in your business  attracts better leads, grow your sales, and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

So, if you don’ have automation in your business, no matter how small your business is, you are hurting your business’s growth.

The impact of having automation plugged into your business is very significant, especially if you own a small business or if you are a coach or a consultant, or any other type of startup.

The team at CAMS Automation  work with you to systematize and automate your business, so you can find and work with your perfect clients and do so without the stress of dealing with cold prospects.

Working with IBM for 17 years, and consulting for diverse companies such as BP, eastern bank, blue cross blue shield, Pfizer, Motiva, and many others, our Chief Technology Officer has substantial experience with automation and artificial intelligence applications that help businesses find new customers, reduce cost and grow sales.

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